This past year my family faced some challenges and I scaled back my real estate business.

Our challenges began with our own move to our dream home.  What was supposed to be a four to five month process ended up taking thirteen months!  It involved putting our prior house on the market twice and living in an apartment for ten weeks. We had to take our house off the market the first time once we realized that the new house would not be finished in the four to five months that we were told.

Apartment living was not fun with two kids.  We were terribly squashed and since all of our belongings were in storage, we were really down to the bare minimum.  Cooking in the tiny kitchen was quite challenging.  We also had a small incident where the ceiling fan in my daughters’ room caught fire.  They are both now traumatized by the idea of a ceiling fan and refuse to use them.  I can not say that I blame them!

When we bought the first house back in 1998 we had been married only one year and did not have children or much furniture. After nearly fifteen years of living in this 2200 square foot house we had a ton of stuff including two children who also came with tons of stuff!   I can now relate to the entire moving process and the process of putting a house on the market.  I am a better real estate agent now because I can really relate to my clients going through the entire moving process from finding a new home to selling the old one.

It took me a year to find this wonderful house and we had the opportunity to build.  I had tons of fun picking out all my “stuff”.  We had the opportunity to pick everything from the walls in.  This starts with the outside stone and paint.  We were able to choose the floor, counter tops, light fixtures, paints, faucets, etc.  This was my favorite part of the the building process.  I was able to use what I learned in becoming a certified home stager and redesigner to choose make my house really what I wanted.  I also looked at hundred and hundreds of pictures in design magazines and websites.  I have learned a lot about the building process beginning from permitting and going through the closing.  I learned about foundation and framing.  I have found great inspectors to help along the way.  I have also made contacts with the guys that do wiring for the prewiring in the house.

It was a stressful and time consuming process, but I feel more equipped to help my clients find new construction and go through that process with them.

I am back in the full swing of things  and ready to help with selling, buying, and investing in real estate.  I am also a certified home stager and redesigner so I like to think of myself as the realtor with style!

I am looking forward to helping my new and former clients with their real estate needs.

Keep following my blog for updates on the market and all things Austin.