The results are in from the first 310 homes that received energy audits under the new Austin ordinance.  The main findin was that most of the houses had leaky air ducts, which means lots of wasted energy.

The ordinance, which went into effect June 1, requires sellers to get energy audits of their homes and disclose the results to buyers.

Here are the initial results:

  • 86% of homes with ducts leaked more than the 10% rate considered acceptable for energy efficiency.
  • The average amount of air leakage was 22%
  • The average annual dollar loss of electricity per home because of leaks was $260
  • 807,840 total annual kilowatt-hours of electricity was wasted by the houses – enough to power 67 average-size homes for a year!
  • 1 million pounds of carbon dioxide is emitted annually to produce the wasted electricity
  • The average costs to seal the ducts, after Austin Energy rebates, would be $500 resulting in annual savings of $120 on average
  • The average cost to add 6 inches of attic insulation, after rebates, would be $661 and save $90 on average per year.