If you are about to list your house on the market or feel that your house has been sitting too long, here are some great house staging tips to improve that important first impression:

  • Maximize the “first impression” opportunity. Carefully critique the front door. Apply fresh paint and new hardware if necessary. Sweep, tidy, and power wash the walkway and entry as needed. Buy a new welcome mat.
  • Tidy the closets and leave all at least 1/3 empty.
  • Depersonalize for the buyer to imagine his belongings in the space. Eliminate family photos, personal collections and controversial art.
  • Add fresh flowers and live plants in entry, kitchen, dining room and bathrooms for showings.
  • Replace light bulbs where needed. Consider maximum allowable wattage to increase brightness of rooms.
  • Check all faucets/plumbing for leaks or drips and repair as needed.
  • Invest in a weekly cleaning service during the marketing period. Kitchens and bathrooms should “sparkle”.
  • Clean the oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator.
  • Avoid the use of potpourri and other strong pet or cooking odors. Fresh apples tend to absorb odor.
  • Consider professional window cleaning inside and out.
  • Leave window treatments open to maximize light for showings.
  • Clean carpeting and area rugs.
  • Keep toilet seats down for showings. Remove toilet plungers, bowl brushes and trash from view.
  • Clear kitchen counters and remove all items on refrigerator.
  • Remove all clutter and paperback books. Keep medications out of sight.
  • Consider removing pets and all pet dishes and toys for showing.
  • Assist your Realtor by being absent for all showings.

These great tips courtesy of Austin interior designer Jan Griffin.