If you are interested in fighting your Central Texas home appraisal value, the Texas comptroller’s office has a narrated online slide show with good advice about how to prepare your case.

Find information on comparable homes on appraisal district Web sites:

Travis – www.traviscad.org

Williamson – www.wcad.org

Hays – www.hayscad.com

Bastrop – www.bastropcad.org

How the process works

Appraisal districts first schedule an informal hearing, generally giving a week to 10 days notice.  Homeowners meet one-on-one with an appraiser.

Although times are assigned, be prepared for a potentially long wait for your case to be called.

Those sessions cannot be rescheduled.  Most protests are resolved at that stage.

If the homeowner can’t make that hearing or doesn’t accept the outcome, the next step is a formal hearing before a three-member Appraisal Review Board.  Those are usually held a week after the informal hearings.

The panels hear from the homeowner and a district appraiser, then render a decision.

Homeowners who still object have the option of filing a lawsuit, but the cost makes that an unrealistic option in many cases.