Hill Country Estates Austin, TX

Hill Country Estates residents have easy access to downtown with nearby Southwest Parkway, an amazing east/west thoroughfare of 6 lanes in beautiful hill country that gets you to central Austin in under 15 minutes.

Hill Country Estates Location

The Hill Country Estates neighborhood is located off Hwy 71 at Midwood Pkwy. Anchusa Trail and Conifer Cove make up The Oaks at Hill Country Estates, while Midwood Parkway is the main street of all of Hill Country Estates. Boundaries include Thomas Springs Road (North), Murmuring Creek Dr / Bright Start Ln (South), Bright Star Ln (East), and Midwood Pkwy (West). The zip code for Hill Country Estates is 78736.

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Hill Country Estates Neighborhood Schools

School District: Austin Independent School District
Elementary School: Oak Hill Elementary School
Middle School: Small Middle School
High School: Bowie High School