Highland Park West Balcones Austin, TX

Highland Park West Balcones Location

Highland Park West Balcones is located between 2222 (North), W 35th St (South), Mo-Pac & Bull Creek Road (East), and Mt. Bonnell Road (West). The smaller neighborhoods that make up this area are listed below along with their locations:

Stoneledge – Creek Mountain and the six streets that branch from it
Colorado Crossing – Colorado Crossing St
Mount Bonnell Shores – The streets branching from Mt Bonnell Road from Colorado Crossing (North) to Island Cove (South)
Highland Park West – Officially Highland Park West is West of Mo-Pac and is bounded by Northland / Lakeland Dr (North), Perry Ln / Ridge Oak Dr (South), Mo-Pac (East), Western Hills Dr / Ridge Oak Dr / Crestview Dr / Perry Ln (West). Highland Park is East of Mo-Pac and bounded by Perry Ln (North), 43rd St (South), Bull Creek Rd (East), Mo-Pac (West)
Beverly Hills – Westview Dr and the streets branching from it
Highland Village – Hancock Dr (North), Perry Lane (South), Bull Creek Road (East), Mo-Pac (West)
Watersedge – Watersedge Dr and the streets branching from it (Read more about the Watersedge Neighborhood)
Balcones Park – Balcones Road and the streets branching from it south of Perry Lane including Edgemont and streets branching from it
Mount Bonnell Terrace – Bonnell Dr and the streets branching from it down to Mt Bonnell Road where it makes an L (South)
Colorado Foothills – Foothill Terrace (North), W 35th (South), Balcones Dr (East), Foothill Terrace (West)

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Highland Park West Balcones Neighborhood Schools

School District: Austin Independent School District
Elementary School: Casis Elementary / Highland Park Elementary
Middle School: Lamar Middle School / Murchison Middle School / O. Henry Middle School
High School: Austin High School / McCallum High School