Central Austin Neighborhoods

Central Austin is one of the most desirable Austin regions to call home – residents enjoy easy access to all that makes Austin one of America’s top ranking cities to live and work. Downtown is minutes from Central Austin neighborhoods, and few places have as many things to see and do in such a small area including the Town Lake hike and bike trail, 6th Street (with it’s live music venues and great restaurants), the Texas State Capitol, the University of Texas, the Austin Children’s Museum, Central Market, and the Whole Foods flagship store.


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Brentwood and Crestview are often considered the same neighborhood, but they do in fact have their own boundaries. Brentwood is South of Crestview and is partly in the Austin Central Region and partly in the Austin North Central region. The boundaries are Justin Lane (North), 45th Street (South), North Lamar (East), and Burnet Road (West). The zip codes for Brentwood are 78756 and 78757.

Bryker Woods

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North of Pemberton, Bryker Woods (Brykerwoods) is located between West 38th (North), Westover Road (South), North Lamar (East), and MoPac (West). The zip codes for Bryker Woods are 78703 and 78705.

Clarksville (Old West Austin)

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Clarksville is located between Enfield Road (North), Sixth Street (South), Lamar Boulevard (East), and MoPac (West). This area is also know as “Old West Austin.” The zip code for Clarksville is 78703.

Deep Eddy

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Deep Eddy is located south of Tarrytown between Enfield Road (North), Lake Austin (South and West), and MoPac (East). The zip code for Deep Eddy is 78703.

Downtown Austin

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Downtown is officially located between Martin Luther King Blvd (North), Town Lake (South), IH-35 (East), and N Lamar (East). Some of the condos and lofts we feature in our profile are located outside of this area.


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Hancock is located between 45th Street (North), East Dean Keeton Street (South), IH-35 (East), and Duval Street (West). The zip codes for Hancock are 78705 and 78751.

Highland Park West Balcones

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Highland Park West Balcones is located between 2222 (North), W 35th St (South), Mo-Pac & Bull Creek Road (East), and Mt. Bonnell Road (West).

Hyde Park

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Hyde Park is located between 51st Street (North), 38th Street (South), Duval (East), Red River north of 45th Street (East) and Guadalupe (West). The zip codes for Hyde Park is 78751.

Mount Bonnell Shores

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Mount Bonnell Shores homes are located between Mopac and 360 on the East side of Lake Austin off Mt Bonnell Rd.

North Loop

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North Loop is located between W Koenig Lane (North), 51st Street to Airport Blvd / 45th Street to IH-35(South), IH-35 (East), and N Lamar Blvd / Red River St (West). The zip code for North Loop is 78751.

North University

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North University is located between 38th Street (North), W 27th Street (South), Duval Street (East), and Guadalupe Street (West). The zip code for North University is 78705.

Oakmont Heights

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Oakmont Heights is located between 43rd Street (North), W 35th Street (South), Bull Creek Road (East), and Mo-Pac (West). The zip code for Oakmont Heights is 78731.

Old Enfield

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North of Clarksville, Old Enfield is located between Windsor/West 24th Street (North), Enfield Road (South), Lamar Blvd (East), and MoPac (West). The zip code for Old Enfield is 78703.

Pemberton Heights

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North of Old Enfield, Pemberton Heights is located between Westover Road (North), West 24th (South), Lamar Blvd (East), and Mopac (West). The zip code for Pemberton Heights is 78703.


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North of Bryker Woods, Ridgelea is a tiny neighborhood located between 43rd Street (North), 38th Street (South), Bull Creek (East), Shoal Creek (West). The zip code for Ridgelea is 78731.


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North of Bryker Woods, Rosedale is located between North Loop / Hancock Drive (North), 38th Street (South), Lamar Boulevard (East), and Shoal Creek (West). The zip code for Rosedale is 78756.


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Tarrytown is located between West 35th Street (North), Enfield Road (South), MoPac (East), and Lake Austin (West). The zip code for Tarrytown is 78703.


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Watersedge homes are located on the East side of Lake Austin off Mt Bonnell Rd. Streets in the Watersedge neighborood include Watersedge Dr, Waters Edge Cove, Spinnaker Cove, Shimmering Cove and Harbor Light Cove. The zip code for Watersedge is 78731.

West University / Heritage

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West University is located between 38th Street (North), Martin Luther King Blvd (South), Guadalupe Street (East), and N Lamar Blvd (West). Heritage is a smaller neighborhood within West University and is located between 38th Street (North), 29th Street (South), Guadalupe Street (East) and N Lamar Blvd (West). The zip code for West University / Heritage is 78705.

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