The Austin real estate market is HOT,HOT, HOT!  There are multiple offers for above asking price on many resale homes.

There is also a lot of new development in Austin, and a new home might just be the answer for those folks that do not want to deal with multiple back up offers or for folks that have already lost out to two or three houses.  Besides not having to contend with multiple offers situations, a new home has many benefits. The benefits include a warranty, energy efficiency and greener appliances, and modern safety features.

With new home construction, you will have to opportunity to choose the colors of paint, flooring, and cabinets, and many more depending on the builder.  There will be a one year warranty on all the appliances, air conditioning, and electrical systems.  This can be a relief if you are like me and not a do it yourselfer.  I am more of a hire it yourselfer, so having brand new appliances, new paint, flooring, bathrooms, kitchen sounds like a great idea!  There will not be any major remodeling going on while trying to live in the house or living in a temporary arrangement such as an apartment or your friend’s couch.

Everything is under warranty.  Typical production builders offer a 1 year warranty on parts and labor plus two years on things such as appliances, electrical and HVAC.  If anything goes wrong in that time frame, it will be fixed under that warranty.  In a resale home, you could be facing replacing all those items depending on their age.  With a brand new home, you should have many years of enjoyment before needing to replace anything.

A new home is much more energy efficient.  Houses from 10,20, or 30 years ago, have single pane windows, less efficient heating and cooling systems,  appliances that are not green such as the dishwashers that use up gobs of water.  I showed a house about a month ago that did not have an HVAC system installed when it was built back in 1965.  The owner had a system retroactively installed and it was not installed properly to code.  Upon inspection from the HVAC company, we found that the upstairs unit was actually pumping carbon monoxide into the house if both the upstairs and downstairs units were used simultaneously.  This was going to be a $20,000 repair for my clients.

A new build has more modern safety features such as flame retardant carpets, low VOC paints so that your family can breathe easier, state of the art circuit breakers, and new garage doors with infrared lights.  This allows the garage door to stop if a child or tricycle is near by.

New homes offer the latest designs, style and quality.  A new home will allow you to live in your home and not have to work on your home.  You will be able to enjoy living in your home and not have to worry about that water heater breaking down or coming home to a 90 degree house in the heat of the summer because the air conditioning does not work.

If you are interested in purchasing a new home, I would love to help you.  Call me at 512-914-2573 for more information.